What is New York Fashion Week

International stars flock to his designs during the show

Smoky colors .. and luxurious fabrics

World fashion designer Fern One, known as “Amato”, has launched a distinguished collection of his designs in a dazzling show that concluded Mercedes-Benz shows at New York Fashion Week. And he received wide resonances in the international press, which considered him the biggest final presentation.

“Amato” commented on his participation by saying: It was wonderful to conclude the festival with a huge show and it was honorable for me to receive an invitation to participate in the New York Fashion Week, which is one of the most important fashion festivals in the world and is an opportunity not realized for any designer, and that the calling committee checks the data The fame and creativity of the designer before his invitation.

The Amato group bore the name

“STATE OF MIND” During the show, more than two dresses of international stars were reserved by their respective decorators who usually follow these shows. While most of the fabrics were distinguished by luxurious embroidery that appeared to be embossed sculptures on the fabric .. The Amato models also appeared in harmony with the designs through fluffy and gray hairstyles that combine gray (white hair) and gray.

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