Traditional clothes every man should own

Everyone knows that keeping up with fashion is very difficult, especially for people who have a busy life, but there are some clothes that a man should always possess, no matter how fashionable fashion changes in the markets, and to find out the following are the most prominent of these clothes.

The white shirt

The white shirt is considered one of the garments in the wardrobe, as it is compatible with all clothes, whether formal or regular, such as jeans, and it does not contradict any new fashion, and is consistent with different colors.

Blue jeans

Almost no one is alive who does not have blue jeans, whether it is traditional or has some fashion movements. Men continue to buy and wear these pants, and blue jeans can be worn with various other clothes, so they can be consistent with shirts, t-shirts, and various Shoes, whether sporty or casual.

Black shoes (top sider)

Many people believe that these shoes are not the best and this does not give them a good reputation, but the simplicity of these shoes makes them one of the best constants that a man must possess for his elegance, and they are also easy to wear and take off, and can be worn with suits and Jeans and many other clothes.

White t-shirt

There is a large variety of T-shirt models that suit all tastes, and this has made it one of the most important constants in fashion, as it can be worn with jeans and short shorts in the summer, but it is necessary to avoid wearing sizes larger than the normal size, and as It can be worn with shirts and jackets in cold weather.

Sports jacket or coat

These pieces of clothes are just like the white shirt, and the simpler it is, the more it fits with different fashions, and it is preferable to have monochrome jackets, specifically black ones, and such clothes can be worn with formal pants at work, and with jeans in public places.

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