Thai beauty secrets

Natural products for Thai beauty

Based Thai beauty secrets of nature is pivotal, as characterized by regular health the popularity on the use of several natural products, in the form of juice, face masks and handling daily, classifies turmeric first product as an input to the secrets of the beauty of Thailand, according to it contains Alkaragoman, which possesses the characteristics of anti-oxidation resistance For infections, hence the papaya fruit, which contains minerals, fiber and vitamins, and coconut oil is also included in this list, and tamarind dates have an effective role, which is to maintain heart health and improve digestion, This list ends with fruit juices, which need an open discussion to compare their benefits with the benefits of eating the same fruits without squeezing them. Next, the article will discuss the aesthetic benefits of each of the previously mentioned natural products.

Thai beauty secrets

Fruit juice is added as one of the secrets of Thai beauty, but research confirms equal efficiency between it and eating the same fruits, except that the natural fibers are lost due to squeezing them, and that digesting and absorbing food becomes easier, and the benefits of this juice lie in reducing the chances of developing cancer, removing harmful substances from The body, weight reduction and strengthening the role of the immune system, so all these benefits made it an item on the list of Thai beauty secrets, which the article will detail the rest of its components in the following:


Turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, which makes the skin when applied to it is characterized by purity and shine, as it possesses the properties of regenerating the skin cells, within natural mechanisms, and it can be mixed with yogurt and honey, and keep this mask on the face for 15 minutes, and then note its effect, where It targets pores, which reduces skin irritation, and thus reduces the effects of acne, and has proven effective in reducing the spread of psoriasis when it is added as a nutritional supplement to the daily portions of food, but experts advise here to review the specialist to determine the appropriate dose according to the situation.


It is mentioned the effect of eating papaya on reducing the effects of aging, as it reduces the appearance of macular degeneration, maintains the health of the eyes and protects against harmful rays, and its contents of calcium and vitamin K, keep the bone healthy and strong, and the contents of the papain enzyme have an effect It improves digestion, and in the end maintains ideal weight and reduces the chances of constipation, and has the property of treating wounds and preventing infection if used topically in the affected areas.

Coconut Oil

In addition to the medicinal properties he owns, such as treating acne and infections, this oil maintains skin moisture when used topically, and its effect has been compared to mineral oils, that is, made from oil drips, and its use for a period of two weeks has shown similar efficiency, but it has excelled in its properties Therapeutic treatment for eczema, at a rate of 65%, has been shown to reduce itchy and cracked skin, and the skin’s hydration remains a barrier, preventing the arrival of bacterial infections in the body.


Tamarind has been classified as one of the secrets of Thai beauty, as it has many therapeutic and cosmetic properties, which are represented in reducing weight, strengthening the immune system and maintaining the health of the digestive system. This substance gives a feeling of satiety, after its secretory effect of the serotonin neurotransmitter, which specializes in feeling happy, and has been converted to a food supplement based on this feature.

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