Take care of your beauty during pregnancy

Pregnant woman

Pregnant women will experience a lot of psychological and physical changes during pregnancy, and the woman’s shape, body health and shape will be affected by the pregnancy in many ways.

Take care of your beauty during pregnancy

Here is the program to take care of everything that belongs to you during pregnancy

  • Much of drinking water, especially on an empty stomach, is a secret of a woman’s beauty.
  • Eat more leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • Do national masks for the face and neck every week. The permanent few are better than the cut-off lot. The best of these masks is the yogurt mask.
  • Also strawberry puree and mix it with egg whites very wonderful for the skin.
  • Do a weekly hair oil bath, or choose one of the hair blends that are appropriate for your hair, such as “mayonnaise + egg yolk + spoonful of yogurt + sweet almond oil.”
  • Massage your belly daily in a circular motion with cocoa butter, or olive oil until the cracks in the abdomen are less.
  • Massage your feet and hands once a week.
  • Use castor oil to lengthen your lashes.
  • Make sure to trim the ends of your hair every month.
  • Find the right type of story for you before you are born.

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