Sagging breasts causes and methods of treatment


The breast is one of the parts of the human body, which is usually prominent in women, and the size of the breast varies greatly from one woman to another, and usually, this difference is due to genetic factors and multiple genetic characteristics, and the human age plays a big role in this difference, the breast tissue is formed Usually from the fat cells and some glandular tissues that contribute to the production of milk used to feed children and the ligaments extending from the collar bones through the armpits to the chest, however, some women may suffer from the problem of sagging breasts that changes the shape of the breast and makes its appearance unnatural. In this article, we will explain The most prominent information about sagging breasts In its causes, methods of treatment and how to prevent it.

Sagging breasts causes and methods of treatment

With the passage of time and age, it is natural for the breast to lose its shape and elasticity, and although it is very common, it is a source of concern for many women, as many of them resort to cosmetic procedures to get rid of the sagging, but surgery may not always be the solution to treat the sagging And there may be much simple treatment or preventive methods, which are usually a lifestyle change and prevent the effects of sagging. To learn about the sagging breasts its causes and methods of treatment, you can follow the following.

Causes of breast sagging

May cause many factors to change the shape of the breast and its sagging, and these factors work on the stress of the breast because of its daily confrontation with it, and the most prominent reasons leading to the problem of breast sagging are the following:

  • Gravity: Gravity works to pull the breasts down on a daily basis, as strains that stretch the breasts are strained.
  • Breast size and shape: The round breast maintains its shape more than the oval breast, which may sag faster.
  • Weight gain or gain: Losing or gaining weight very quickly may increase the shape of the breast and cause it to sag due to stretching and contracting of the skin.
  • Smoking: leads smoking to a lack of body flexibility, so the smokers are more prone to sagging breasts than others.
  • Genetic factors: Genes play a large role in sagging breasts, as the female family’s breast sizes affect the size and strength of her breast ligaments.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Breastfeeding increases the expansion of the breast, therefore the more times the pregnancy and breastfeeding increase, the breast sagging.
  • Wrong Aerobic Exercise: Some exercise may stress the breast ligaments, making them susceptible to sagging.
  • Aging: Aging and menopause cause many hormonal changes, which may affect the size and structure of breast tissue.

Methods of treatment for breast sagging

Many women become frustrated by the sagging breasts, as many women struggle to search for sagging breasts causes and methods of treatment, and after showing the most prominent causes of breast sagging, it can be treated in the following ways:

  • Bras cause breast lift and support, as they prevent stretching from movement and gravity.
  • Checking and treating hormones in the event of an imbalance, as hormones, especially estrogen, increase the sagging breasts after age.
  • Use more caution with the breast during repeated pregnancy, as it is known that repeated pregnancy may lead to breast sagging, so it is advised to exercise and lie down in certain positions to avoid the occurrence of sagging.
  • Do some exercise, although the breast does not contain muscle, sports that target areas around the breast can be practiced, as it raises the breast and makes it appear tighter.
  • Plastic surgery can contribute to lifting the breasts, so it is advised to contact a specialist to ensure the effectiveness of this surgery.

Prevention of breast sagging

The proportion of the different causes leading to sagging breasts, preventing sagging is to avoid these causes, and before breast sagging, can be prevented from sagging to avoid the difficulty of treatment, and after identifying breast sagging causes and methods of treatment can be identified and preventive measures to prevent breast sagging as follows:

  • Avoid standing for extended periods of time, as this gives more chances to stretch the breast down and cause it to sag.
  • Maintaining an ideal healthy weight, as eating healthy foods prevents the stretching of the skin caused by sagging breasts.
  • Drinking water in abundant quantities, as the water maintains the skin’s health, moisture, and elasticity, thus it may prevent sagging.
  • Avoid smoking, as smoking affects the health of the body in general in addition to breast health in particular.

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