Problems facing hair during summer

Hair affected by seasons

Human hair is affected by all seasons, especially the summer, as this season exposes hair to many problems and other weather factors, such as dust, sunlight, air and moisture, and this definitely causes damage to the scalp and hair from its roots to the extremities, in addition to the appearance of dandruff, eczema, itching and infections, and in This article will explain the most prominent problems facing hair during the summer, and the treatment of these problems, and tips for hair care during the summer.

Problems facing hair during the summer

The most problems facing hair during the summer are the problem of hair loss, due to sunlight, swimming and daily showering, where sunlight plays an effective role in causing damage to the hair, because these rays reduce the secretion of melanin to the hair, and this leads to hair damage One of the problems that face hair during the summer is the scalp sweat. When the scalp sweats, this contributes to the accumulation of fat in the pores of the scalp, and this leads to hair loss significantly. One of the problems facing the hair during the summer is the low level of testosterone, as the effect of Decreased hormone affects Q. By the scalp, which causes hair to fall out significantly, also when the hair moves from one season to another, this negatively affects the hair because it is not able to easily adapt to new conditions, and finally it can be said that the defect in the hair may not be from summer only, Rather, it is caused by a thyroid gland or a problem with the immune system.

Treating the problem of hair loss in the summer

It is possible to treat the scalp and the causes of hair loss during the summer, especially since this problem has negative effects on the hair, and gives an unattractive look to the lady, especially since healthy hair is the crown of women and the basis of their beauty, and it is possible to treat hair loss in the summer through:

  • Massaging the scalp with olive oil, because it works to strengthen the hair roots in addition to stimulating blood circulation, and it is possible to use essential oils such as almond oil, mustard and coconut oil as well, by heating it a little and putting it on the hair.
  • Replace chemical shampoo with shampoo and conditioner that contains natural products such as milk and coconut oil.
  • Use olivira juice and wheat for hair twice a week, and this works to reduce scalp inflammation and strengthen hair from the inside.
  • Use a box of henna and thrombus to feed the hair twice a week.

Hair care tips during the summer

The lady always strives to obtain shiny and free hair, especially in the summer, where occasions and recreational trips and entertainment abound, and since the summer is one of the seasons that cause hair to fall and break as a result of high temperature, it is necessary to know some tips to take care of it in this the classroom:

  • Ensure that the hair is clean, by cleaning it weekly by mixing lemon juice, as this mixture is placed on the scalp with a toothbrush. Lemon has the ability to cleanse and clean the scalp, and it is possible to replace lemon juice with apple cider vinegar.
  • Replacing the cotton pad with a pillow made of silk, because this helps prevent hair breakage completely while sleeping, while the pillow made of cotton or other materials mixes the hair, causing it to fall and break.
  • In order to refresh the hair on beach holidays, you should mix a tablespoon of cocoa powder with a spoon of cornstarch and a pinch of cinnamon and water, then massage the scalp with this mixture to get fresh hair and smell beautiful all the time.
  • When going to the pool, hair should be protected from chlorine, by completely moistening it with pure water, then the conditioner will be applied to the hair, as the water and conditioner work together as a buffer on the hair, reducing the effect and harm of chlorine.
  • Drying hair after a shower is recommended with a piece of cotton clothes instead of a towel, although towels may be cotton, but they are rough and rough on wet hair which is weak in this case, so it should be gently dried to avoid breaking and falling off.

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