Methods of applying cosmetics for different faces

Face shapes

The shape of the face differs from one person to another, because God Almighty created people with one body, but the features and shapes differ from each other, and thus, the Glory be to Him have made everyone distinct in its form from others, and there are different forms of faces, most notably the round face, and the shape of this face is equal to the length The cheek, as for the long or rectangular face, the front width is equal to the width of the jaw, and in the oval face the width of the forehead is less than the width of the cheek, and also the triangle face or in the shape of a heart and the front size is broad, while the jaw is less width, and in this article will be Learn ways of applying makeup for different faces.

Types of facial cosmetics

There are many facial cosmetics, each of which has a special function, which is usually used to hide imperfections, unify the color, or highlight facial features, and is used in various methods of applying cosmetics for different forms of faces, and the most important types of facial cosmetics are:

  • Primer Cream: Primer is a preliminary step for the skin before applying make-up, and works to keep the makeup for hours without being affected, because it works to close the pores and reduce the excretion of the skin for fat, and it facilitates the process of spreading the foundation cream on the face.
  • Foundation: The foundation works to hide the imperfections and pigmentation of the skin and unifies its color.
  • Concealer or concealer: It is a product that covers dark circles around the eye, and also works to hide stains and grains that are difficult to cover with cream foundation, and the concealer must be chosen in proportion to the skin color, where there are many degrees and qualities available.
  • Powder: The powder is used as a fixative to make-up, as it absorbs the oils that are produced by the skin, and gives the face a beautiful velvety texture.
  • Highlighter: This highlighter is called lighting, and it works to highlight areas that apply to it, such as the cheekbones.
  • Contour: The function of a contour is to slim or accentuate areas of the face.
  • Al-Balshar: Or blush, which gives the cheeks a mostly light pink color.

Methods of applying cosmetics for different faces

Since there are many types of faces, surely the methods of applying makeup powders for the various forms of faces are numerous, as each of these faces has its own make-up method, and it is necessary for each woman to learn the special make-up method of her face, to finally get a beautiful and appropriate makeup for the features Her face, and methods of applying cosmetic powders for various forms of faces are as follows:

Long face makeup method

The dark contour is placed in the forehead areas from the top and the bottom of the chin in order to reduce the sharpness of the length in the face and make it tilted to the oval shape. In the area below the eye.

Oval face makeup method

Dark contour is used on both sides of the forehead and on the area under the cheekbones to the ears, for slimming the face, while the highlight can be placed in the middle of the forehead and under the eyebrows, it can also be placed in the chin area in the middle, and under the eyes also, and the blush or blusher is placed under the cheekbone area And heading out.

Square face makeup

Dark contour is placed on the edges of the forehead in addition to the jaw, in order to reduce the sharp features in this type of face, and highlight is placed in the shape of a triangle upside down, i.e. the tip of the triangle is at the bottom to give more length to the face, and dark blush is applied in a circular shape on the face.

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