Makeup mistakes make you look older

Women use different cosmetics to look brighter and brighter, but you have to teach my lady that these products are a double-edged sword. Just as he is able to make you look better aesthetic, he is at the same time able to show you older than you are. During its incorrect application, the most common errors in this area include the following:

Exaggerating the application of foundation and cosmetic powder

Applying a large amount of foundation or powder may mask some of the imperfections of the unwanted skin, but at the same time it contributes to highlighting the wrinkles and lines of age, even those simple ones that you did not notice existed before applying make-up.

Apply make-up to poor, dry skin

Before using cosmetics, it is worthwhile to work on nourishing and moisturizing the skin, through special creams. Using makeup on dry skin shows all skin imperfections worse than they really are, especially skin flabs and wrinkles, which makes you look older.

Use shiny makeup

Shiny makeup gives a beautiful and radiant look, but at the same time it gives additional lighting that attracts great attention to wrinkles and lines of age, so you should avoid them as soon as these wrinkles appear.

Exaggerate makeup of the lower part of the eye

After applying make-up, and when repairing it from time to time, do not re-apply the mascara to the lower eyelashes of the eye, although this is preferred in the eyelashes of the upper eyelid, because the mascara on the lower eyelashes will give a double divergence to the area, so it reduces its radiance, so it is sufficient to remove the traces of make-up from it Do not re-fix it until the end of the day.

Red cheeks

Women wear blush in order to accentuate the cheekbones, so they proceed to light colors in that area, but after a certain age, the cheeks area begins to sag and any addition of this type focuses attention on this sagging, so it is not recommended to use bright colors and may be Those darkest are most appropriate in such a situation.


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