How to wear clothes that fit your slim body

Information that helps in choosing clothes that suit your body

Choosing clothes that fit the body is one of the most important things that must be recognized, in order to avoid making the mistake of bad choice, and therefore the outward appearance will be very bad. For this reason, the owners of slim bodies face some difficulties in choosing the appropriate clothes for them, and they face difficulty in choosing The right colors, or choosing the right style for them that helps them cope with the dimensions of their bodies, here are some information and advice about the appropriate clothes for slim bodies.

What is a lean body?

It can be considered that a person who is tall and whose weight is within the average, that he possesses the characteristics of a slim body, but the common model for a skinny person is one who has a length within the average but is light in weight and has small joints, lean muscles, a flat chest and small shoulders, and Usually they face people with a slender body, difficulty in gaining weight as well, regardless of the amount of food they eat daily, or physical exercises that they exercise, and these things are the result of a rapid metabolism in their digestive systems.

Pros and cons of a slim body

In general, the clothes fit the slim body more than the big bodies, so the owners of the slim bodies can keep pace with the fashion better than the owners of the overweight bodies, because the slim body is the model used by the fashion designers, and this makes the clothes of the small sizes always available in abundance.

There is another aspect to the fact of having a slender body, as some lean body owners may sometimes appear as if they are children trying to appear as adults, and in some countries owners of lean bodies face a problem in finding their sizes, and this may increase the purchase cost of them, and to avoid this increase, It is preferable to buy clothes imported from Europe, as the common sizes for European designers are slim.

Clothes that fit a slim body

There are many aspects to consider when choosing clothes appropriate for a slim body, and this is what will be reviewed below, Here are the most important aspects to consider when choosing clothes appropriate for a slim body …


Many people who have a slender body mistake to accelerate to choose sizes larger than the size of their bodies, in order for their bodies to appear larger, in fact, choosing the appropriate size that shows body details is the best solution, it is worth noting that the lean body is considered the best body that can They are in line with all the fashions of fashion, especially wearing tight clothes, so it is advised when buying clothes for the slim body, to choose a shirt that can move a bit on the body and stay away from elastic clothing (Legra), it sticks to the body, and jeans should also not be worn Narrowing (skinny), the body may appearĀ As if he suffers from a problem of malnutrition.

Style and color

If you want to hide some of the parameters of your skinny body, there are some methods that can be followed while wearing clothes. When choosing shirts, jackets, or (T-shirts), it is preferable to stay away from those that contain longitudinal lines. It does not benefit a lean person, and try to choose those that have cross lines, and it is advised to avoid wearing a single dark color such as black, as it focuses on showing a lean body, and it is preferable to break the dark colors with some light colors such as white, pale blue and gray.

Clothes fit the full body

There is a group of clothes that can help a woman with a full body to shine, and show her body in a satisfactory and beautiful way. Wearing short skirts with a black color or long dresses with a black color, it helps a lot in showing the body with a look thinner than the real appearance, as it is advised Women with a body full of dresses with a uniform color, and stay away from dresses with multiple colors.

Clothes that fit tall skinny clothes Most of the clothes that fit tall girls are clothes that show them more broadly than their real appearance, such as wearing high-waist pants and short skirts, in addition to wearing long jackets that give a sparkling appearance to long skinny women, and in this way the buttocks are hidden Which is a major inconvenience for slim and full women. Clothing suitable for the pear body Women with a pear-shaped body can easily choose the appropriate clothes for them. Women with pear body are advised to wear clothes that contain bright colors for the upper part of the body, with a choice of dark colors for the lower body, and it is also good Choosing sweaters with wide sleeves, to prevent the body from being elegant and fictitious in length, and it is worth noting that women who enjoy a pear body have the freedom to choose between tight clothes and loose clothes. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages to this type of body.

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