How to take care of hair after using the protein

Hair protein

Hair consists of proteins that contain amino acids, which constitute about 20% of the weight of the muscles, in addition to the skin, bones and hair, so the primary task of the protein is to build, strengthen and repair creatine, and creatine is the material that forms the outer layer of the skin, in addition to building hair And nails, too, and therefore every woman dreams of getting smooth and soft hair, because hair is the crown of the head and is one of the reasons for a woman’s beauty, but the hair may be exposed to many factors that may weaken it, such as shampoo, combing and frequent use of heat, and therefore the hair then needs full nutrition and Dead Portanath, and in this article will identify the types of protein, and how hair care after an individual protein.

Protein types

Before getting to know how to care for hair after a protein individual, it is necessary to first identify the types of protein. Recently, it was observed that many types of proteins appeared from various cosmetic companies specializing in hair straightening. Before resorting to hair straightening with protein, it must be checked for its validity and materials The chemicals used are the following: Types of protein:

Factory treatment

Hair straightening is by means of a protein-based treatment and the delivery of amino acids and other substances that are included in the hair straightening, in addition to other components that are used to stabilize the results of the individual, and the result of the individual is according to the quality and nature of the hair, where the proportion of the individual ranges between 70 to 100% of the individual for a period of three or Six months, and with frills for the roots and intensive care of the hair, the effect of the individual may remain for eight months. The treatment here depends on conducting a number of amino acids such as Keratin, Arginine and other hair compounds that he loses, in addition to returning the proteins that the hair loses to restore its healthy appearance and increase Ahumich, there are also many other elements such as silicon and Argan oil, which works on nutrition and packaging hair.

Natural remedies

Natural remedies are the best and safest solution instead of resorting to softening hair by industrial proteins, where natural protein is through natural remedies which are to nourish and soften the hair every week, without resorting to any other chemicals or unknown source compounds that some people may be harmed by. One of the best natural remedies is nourishing hair mask, which when applied is mainly focused on scalp massage to reach treatment, and to the roots and scalp pores to absorb and benefit from it.

How to take care of hair after straightening the protein

After using the protein to straighten the hair, it is necessary to learn how to care for the hair after straightening the protein. First, it is necessary to avoid washing the hair for three days after treating it with protein. Also, it is necessary to keep away from rain and swimming pools. This is done by leaving the hair straight for a period of five to six days after treatment, due to the fact that the keratin is still flexible, and when tying hair in any way leads to scratches, you must also purchase sulfate-free shampoos and sodium lauryl, or be Free of sodium sulfate; l Because these ingredients work to remove the protein, it is also necessary to sleep on a silk pillow at night, because the traditional cotton pads cause friction in the hair, which leads to hair loss of the protein element, finally the hair must be dried by a blow dryer after bathing, while avoiding the use of hair spray Or hair styling gels.

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