How to take care for curly hair

Curly hair

Curly hair is one of the most beautiful and attractive types of feeling, but sometimes this hair is annoying for many women, especially since it tends to dry out a little and wrinkles, so many women resort to the use of unique materials for hair, such as keratin and protein and other types The other, but even though these materials may give the hair a beautiful look, they then expose it to a lot of problems, such as hair loss and breakage in the long run. Instead of resorting to these materials, a certain routine must be followed to obtain healthy and shiny hair. What comes next will be clarified how to care for R. Alkerla, the most important Almascat to him, and how to get it.

How to care for curly hair

In order to obtain attractive curly hair, you must learn how to care for kirly hair. The quality of this hair needs more attention than other types of hair. The following is a routine on how to care for kirly hair:

  • Combing the hair during the bath, because combing it dry or semi-dry exposes the hair to be fluffy or breakable, so it must be combed with a good-quality, wide-toothed wooden comb, taking care to apply conditioner while combing.
  • The timing of hair washing should be regulated, because the curly hair by its nature tends to dry out, due to the difficulty in reaching the oils produced by the scalp to the tufts and ends of the hair, and care must be taken not to multiply from the shampoo, because the shampoo components work to rid the hair of its natural oils permanently, therefore Prefer to wash hair twice a week to avoid drying it out.
  • It is necessary to use moisturizing ingredients for hair, immediately after using shampoo, it is possible to use an oil bath or a few drops of olive oil, as these components will maintain the hair ripples.
  • After finishing the shower, be sure to use conditioner on the hair, then after that a little moisturizing cream is placed on the palm of the hand, and massage the hair strands with it well with the ends, while avoiding applying the cream to the scalp, and leave the hair to dry out in the open air and then be Hairstyle, this is the highlight of the routine of how to care for curly hair.

The most important catchers of curly hair

There are many natural masks for curly hair, such as avocado and honey, as this mask is applied by mashing a grain of avocado with a tablespoon of white honey and two tablespoons of olive oil, then mix the ingredients well together until they become a homogeneous mixture, then put on The hair is wet, and left for a period of not less than an hour, after which the hair is rinsed with lukewarm water, and this mask can be applied twice a week, while the milk and coconut holder for normal hair is applied by mixing three tablespoons of milk with a tablespoon of coconut oil Half a cup of yogurt, then mix the ingredients With each other well and spread over the hair for an hour, then washed with lukewarm water, and this mixture can be applied twice a week.

How to get Curly Hair

Recently, curly hair fell to the throne of beauty, and many girls turned to beauty salons in order to get it, and appear attractive and fashionable, and the following are the most important steps to get Curly hair:

  • Before adopting the curly hairstyle, you should wash the hair with cold water and reduce the amount of shampoo to prevent drying the hair.
  • It is not permissible to use any type of conditioner or any conditioner for hair because it is an obstacle to obtaining Curly hair.
  • Hair should be dryed with a cotton towel to give it a curly feel.
  • The use of heat should be minimized, because it works to massage the hair, not to bump it and to give it a curly feel.
  • Use a rough-bristled toothbrush to comb the hair before the curly.
  • Finally, to ensure curly hair, the hair should be wrapped in bun and spread out in the morning.

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