How to make facial dimples

Facial dimples

Dimples of the face are sometimes a birth defect, and they are usually next to the mouth on either or one of the cheeks, or these dimples may be under the chin, as some people have facial dimples and others do not, and this is due to the difference in facial muscles from one person to another, in addition The difference in the nature of the skin between people, and most of these dimples are transmitted genetically from parents to children, as many people seek to obtain these dimples, especially the category of young women, because it is one of the signs of beauty and gravity among girls, as for the way the dimples of the face usually do what A person needs surgery to obtain on her.

How to make facial dimples

Many women are looking for the way to perform dimples, because many people prefer people who have facial dimples, because they look more youthful and beautiful, and even that facial expressions seem more to them, and the way the dimples of the facial dimples work is as follows:


Surgery is the most common way for people to get facial dimples, and the method for facial dimples is a type of plastic surgery, as the plastic surgeon makes a small incision or wound at the location of the dimples in the face, and then removes part of the excess tissue in this area, After that, the plastic surgeon makes a small stitch in this area, to bring the muscles and skin in the incision area together to get the dimple, and the plastic surgeon has shown that this process takes approximately half an hour depending on the anatomy of the patient’s face, to then get dimples, and after The operation requires approximately one patient One to two months until the swelling and pain associated with this process disappears.

Exercises to get dimples on the face

There is also a set of certain exercises that are used by people to obtain these dimples, unfortunately these methods have not been scientifically proven, and it is considered a type of popular way to obtain dimples, and these exercises include:

  • The person attaches the mouth muscles to the inside, as if he ate something sour, like a lemon, for example, and if a person is unable to do these exercises, he can actually eat something sour to be able to perform these movements.
  • Gently squeeze the side of the cheeks through the fingers, or by using the round end of the pencil.
  • The person smiles with a wide smile while pressing his fingers on the corners of the smile, then gradually softening the smile while leaving the fingers as is.
  • It is also preferable to repeat these exercises for a month to obtain these dimples.


Make-up is also used as a way to get facial dimples temporarily, and this is done by the person or makeup specialist following a set of steps, to finally get facial dimples, and the way the dimples of the face through make-up are safe and do not entail any risks or problems for the person In comparison to plastic surgery:

  • The person smiles, so he can locate dimples on the side of the cheeks.
  • After that, the person places a mark through makeup pens, preferably brown ones, on the top of the dimples.
  • Then the person draws a small crescent on the top corner of these dimples, then the person returns to normal without smiling.
  • Then this line is combined with make-up up and down until it looks natural.
  • Then the person must smile to confirm the results and the appearance of dimples.

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