How to make a manicure and pedicure at home

Doing a “manicure” or “pedicure” session at home is not an impossible task, especially when applying professional advice. But when undergoing these sessions at the Institute of Beauty, it is necessary to pay attention to the element of hygiene, which must be accompanied by all steps of care in this area. Arrangement of nails is a necessity for every woman who is interested in maintaining her elegance, and it can be implemented in easy and practical steps …


1- Moisturize the skin around the nails

The dry, flaky skin around the nails is grotesque and painful too. Keep this area hydrated, especially in the dry winter months, with a special cream or oil. When the skin around the nails becomes soft, you can use a cotton stick to push it back. If you do not have a special oil for the skin around the nails, use a rich hand cream or even lip balm.

2- Clipping the nails according to the length of the shortest nail

If you are not sure how to cut the nails, choose the shortest nail and cut the other nails according to their length.

3- Prepare the nails by cooling them

After clipping the nails, cool them into an oval shape that looks like the nail base is curved. Some women prefer the square shape, and this decision is up to you.

4- Wipe the nails before polishing them

It is important to wipe nails with the paint remover before applying the paint even if there is no nail polish on the hands. Oils on the nail (such as hand cream or lip balm) prevent the paint from sticking to the nail.

5- Cover the ends of the nails with paint

When applying nail polish, be sure to extend it to the front edge of the nail and a little under the nail tip to prevent cracking. And if the paint cracks, it is best to permanently remove it and start again. If you don’t have time, dip your finger with nail polish remover, soften the cracked area, and reposition the top layer.

6- How to treat stains and stains

If you smudged the nail polish while you were applying it, try this trick: dip your finger in nail polish remover, use it to smooth the surface, and then reposition the top layer.

The secret to preventing smudging is to allow enough time for the paint to dry. After 10 minutes of applying the paint, the nail surface appears dry, but do not be deceived. It takes about an hour for the paint to completely dry.

If your nails are spotted with nicotine, berries or dark nail polish, use whitening toothpaste and then brush the skin or nails with a toothbrush.

  • Make the manicure or pedicure look great by adding a new layer of clear paint every two days. A good manicure lasts from one to two weeks, while a pedicure is two to four weeks.
  • When the nail is broken, the best thing you can do is cut it. However, try this trick if the break is low (and, of course, painful): Cut a small piece of gauze from the teabag, put it on the rip and nail the nails over it

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