How to take care for dyed hair

Dyed hair

Dyed hair has a special appeal and may be exciting to some women who love the idea of ​​changing the color of their hair, although some women may stay away from hair dyes because they may cause hair damage, especially as they contain chemicals that change the color of the hair and its structure, but there are many It is one of the methods and strategies used to take care of dyed hair and maintain its health and shine, and it is worth noting that with appropriate care the hair dye may last as long as possible and may guarantee the hair its health and strength, unlike the lack of interest or lack of it that may cause damage to the hair and fade the dye, so it is important to know how The curse Yeh hair dyed, which will be discussed during this article.

How to care for dyed hair

It is natural for the color of the skin, eyes, and hair to be determined by the pigment melanin, which is a compound derived from the amino acid known as tyrosine. The amount of melanin pigment varies from person to person. To change hair color and often contain ammonia chemicals and lead acetate, thus how to care for dyed hair are as follows:

  • Following the instructions: It is advisable to dye the hair at a specialist or a hairdresser, but in the case of dyeing it at home it is necessary to follow the instructions written on the hair dye carefully to help to dye it properly, and a spot of hair must be tested first to ensure that the entire hair can be dyed, and not be left Dye for a long time on the hair, and it is preferable to seek help from another person.
  • Choosing the right dye: It is important that when doing hair dye, obtain a high-quality dye to avoid any harm to the hair significantly, and avoid choosing dyes that contain harsh substances such as ammonia that will destroy the structure of the hair and remove its shine, and thus will increase the damage resulting from these dyes.
  • Wait before washing it with shampoo: It is preferable to wait for at least two days before washing the hair again, so that the color of the dye will be well established, and it will also help to create protective layers of oil on the roots of the hair, thereby reducing the fading of the dye color.
  • Getting rid of the ends of the hair: You must cut or trim the ends of the hair when you dye it and after getting rid of it, because this will prevent damage from spreading. Hair cutting is one of the ways to care for dyed hair, revitalize hair and make it healthy and vital.
  • Moisturizing the hair: the dye causes the hair to dry out, losing its moisture and smoothness, and one of the most prominent ways to solve these problems is to use moisturizing oils and home remedies that contain natural materials such as bananas, milk, olive oil and honey to improve hair health to solve the problem of dehydration, get rid of damage, maintain hair moisture, and calm hair Curly.
  • Protein: The dye may damage the hair protein and this can be seen when the hair begins to stretch and shrink and may appear weak as well, so the hair must be nourished with protein and use protein treatments such as eggs and mayonnaise.

How to make the dye last longer

Once you get the right hair dye, anxiety begins with the color fading, as there are many factors that will cause fading and the color of the dye, including continuing to wash the hair or not maintaining its moisture, and environmental factors such as exposure to sun and pool heat can leak the color of the dye from the hair , And it is important to make slight changes to the hair care routine and follow a few steps to learn how to care for dyed hair that will make the color of the dye last for a longer period of time, including:

  • Use a conditioner for dyed hair: this conditioner is designed to maintain the color of the dye, works to close the pores and helps to provide moisture, which helps reduce dryness and reduce the possibility of color fading.
  • Avoid using heat in hairdressing: Heat styling tools can damage dyed hair by drying it, and if a hair dryer is used it is advisable to put on a heat-protecting layer so that the hair does not dry out too much.
  • Apply a conditioner before swimming: It is important to do a hair spray before swimming with a conditioner, because it maintains the hair’s moisture and prevents it from absorbing much of the water that contains chlorine, which increases the color fading of the hair and removes its shine.

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