How to take care for dry hair

Dry hair

Dry hair is one of the hair problems that require extensive follow-up by the woman, especially with the onset of high temperatures, and it is possible to notice some symptoms that warn of dry hair, such as the difficulty of styling and falling off, and the splitting of its limbs and the loss of shine in it, but in this article we will explain how to care Dry hair, and what are the most prominent natural masks to moisturize dry hair, in addition to nourishing and soft masks for it.

How to care for dry hair

Curly hair is striking and beautiful, but sometimes it is annoying, especially when dealing with its dryness and dryness, but there are many things that must be followed how to care for dry hair, to remain perfect and easy to style, and here are tips on how to care for dry hair:

  • Limiting shampooing: Dry hair does not need to be washed daily with shampoo, because shampoo often leads to increased dryness of hair, making it appear more fragile, so you should wash hair with dry shampoo twice a week.
  • Satin sleep: The satin pillow helps dry hair to wake up in the morning without the appearance of shrunk hair, and it also protects hair throughout the night from damage or breakage.
  • Combing hair from bottom to top: Dry hair is more brittle than other types of hair, so pulling the brush through it causes the hair to break, so it is preferable to use a wide human comb to loosen knots from the bottom up.
  • Adopting a twist method when drying hair: This method depends on wrapping the hair with a towel, and then leaving it until it dries, instead of using a blow dryer that causes dry hair to break.
  • Recipes for moisturizing hair: You must use recipes for moisturizing dry twice a week, there are many effective natural masks to moisturize dry hair, which will be described below.

Natural mask to moisturize dry hair

After knowing how to care for dry hair, it is necessary to get acquainted with the most important moisturizing masks for hair, which can add to the hair a striking shine and shine, and these mixtures are easy, simple and available in every home, as follows:

  • Mixture of butter and poison oil: by mixing half a cup of sesame oil with a quarter cup of shea butter, and after the mixture is dyed homogeneously it is distributed over the hair from its roots to the ends, then wraps the hair with a plastic cap designated for the head, and left for half an hour, then Wash hair with lukewarm passage.
  • Banana mixture, milk and coconut milk: a grain of banana is ground by an electric mixer, and then add half a cup of coconut milk, and a quarter cup of milk, stir the ingredients well to mix with each other, then apply the mixture to the hair and leave an hour an hour of Time, after that, the appropriate shampoo should be washed and rinsed in warm water.

Natural mask to nourish dry hair

Dry hair needs intensive care as much as other types of hair, in addition to moisturizing it, it must be nourished with effective masks in order to maintain its softness and appearance, as hair is the basis of a woman’s beauty, and the following are natural masks to nourish dry hair:

  • Mayonnaise mask: This mask is made by mashing a grain of banana, adding to it a tablespoon of mayonnaise, and a tablespoon of olive oil. After mixing these ingredients, they are distributed over the hair for 30 minutes, with a plastic cap placed on the hair.
  • Honey mask: by mixing a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice with a cup of water, after that the mixture is distributed over washed hair, and left for 15 minutes, then wash the hair with water and shampoo.
  • Avocado Mask: Avocado is crushed, with two tablespoons of coconut oil, then the mask is placed on the hair, and left for 30 minutes.

Natural mask to soften dry hair

It is possible to prepare mixtures to soften dry hair at home without resorting to salons to straighten the hair with protein or keratin, and this is definitely better, because it leads to avoiding the damage of chemicals found in some products, and one of the best smoothing masks for hair is banana peels, through Dry the crusts well in the sun for a few days, until they reach the stage of dehydration required and hard, then grind them into a very soft powder, and add crushed dried pomegranate peels, and a little castor oil and coconut with the addition of a quarter cup of mayonnaise, then mix the ingredients well, And leave Dough for two hours, then distributed over the hair from the roots to the ends, and leave the mixture for an hour on the hair, then wash the hair with lukewarm water, and repeat this mask weekly to get the desired result.

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