How to take care for damaged hair

Damaged hair

Hair damage is not limited to the problem of split ends; cracks may form in the outer layer of the damaged hair, making hair more prone to further damage and breakage, and therefore the hair may also appear dull or curly, and because the hair is made of dead cells, it is difficult to treat, This may lead to permanent damage, as the problem is not solved by just cutting hair, the only real treatment is time, while learning how to care for damaged hair and following some advice and using some treatments to rebuild hair and improve its health, while taking the necessary steps to prevent H Wth new damage to the hair.

How to care for damaged hair

Attention should be paid to how to care for damaged hair, to prevent the development of the problem of hair damage, so that the hair becomes brittle, thin, fragile, breakable, and even the problem of hair loss.

Stimulating the treatment of damaged hair

In order to start hair treatment, you should stop using harsh hair materials, such as chemical dyes, hair straighteners and curls, and only use less harsh formulations in a limited amount and only when needed to give the hair time to return to its natural state, along with following the following tips:

  • Use natural dyes instead of chemicals to reduce the degree of damage to hair.
  • Reducing the use of thermal devices to dry or blow-dry hair to avoid the effect of heat on hair, and only use it on occasions, and set it to moderate temperatures.
  • Hair is more susceptible to spoilage when wet, so when washing hair it is necessary to: Massage the scalp with the tips of the fingers, rather than rubbing it vigorously. Allow the hair to dry within a few moments before drying it with a towel. Use a wide-toothed comb to comb the hair, so when the hair is completely dry it can be combed using a coarse hair brush.
  • Avoid washing hair daily or more than twice a week to avoid losing the natural oil produced by the scalp, which spreads along the hair to protect it from drying out.

Keep moisture damaged hair

The importance of using manufactured or natural hair conditioner with olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil is important in keeping hair moisturized, healthy and shiny, which should be used mainly on the ends of the hair because it is more prone to dryness, and once a week without exaggeration, to avoid the appearance of hair oily, It is preferred to wash it with cold water to leave the hair looking shiny, and moisture can be maintained through:

  • Using a hair mask on wet hair, using natural materials such as the following: Dull hair mask using a tablespoon of honey or eggs. Hair curler with banana or avocado. Mask for dry hair with a tablespoon of milk or milk.
  • Drops of argan oil must be applied to the hair after it dries, to keep it hydrated and protected from damage.

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