How to apply makeup for beginners

Make-up for beginners

The majority of girls when they reach adolescence begin to pay attention to their appearance and beauty, and the girl always seeks to be a beautiful and tidy look, and one of the ways that the girl resort is to put on make-up, but everything in its beginnings needs to be taught and slowed until it is correct and appropriate, so it is imperative For every girl from knowing some things about make-up, what are the products that suit her skin, and how to hide skin imperfections in easy steps, and do not affect the health of the skin, and therefore the most important points related to how to apply make-up for beginners will be presented in this article, along with some tips on choosing the products that Use in a position Make-up.

How to apply makeup for beginners

The most common and frequently heard question for girls is: How to put simple and soft makeup at home, and the answer to this question is by explaining a set of steps how to put makeup on for beginners, and these steps are simple and easy when applied carefully and calmly, the idea is not to multiply the makeup on The face, or the choice of bright colors, or the large number of cosmetics in girls, but in how to put makeup, and the steps for how to put makeup for beginners are as follows:

  • Use a concealer to cover imperfections in the skin, such as dark circles under the eyes, skin pigmentation, and grain effects, and apply before the foundation is applied.
  • Work to unify the skin color, using a foundation called a foundation, and apply it to the skin calmly until the skin tone becomes the same.
  • After foundation, the powder must be applied to obtain velvety skin first, and its role in keeping makeup second.
  • Regarding the eye, some black eyelashes can be applied to the eye from the side of the lower eyelash, and another line from the side of the upper eyelash, after which the mascara is applied to the eyelashes.
  • The last step is to choose the right lipstick color, first put the contour around the lips, then apply lipstick that gives the lips a volume larger than their size, and makes makeup soft and simple as well.

Tips for beginners when choosing makeup

After clarifying the most important steps related to how to apply makeup for beginners, it is necessary to warn about an important matter related to makeup, which is that beginners may make mistakes in choosing the appropriate makeup, and spend a lot of money on the types of makeup, and in the end the choice is not successful, and therefore some tips related to choosing The right makeup:

  • When buying a concealer, it is advisable to choose a concealer – liquid-concealer – in order to easily integrate with the skin, and to be light on the skin, so it does not affect the health of the skin.
  • The color of the concealer must be lighter than the color of the skin by one or two degrees, in order for the skin to appear in a natural color and the concealer is in harmony with the other products that will be placed after it.
  • Choosing the eyeliner is appropriate for the clothes, and with the girl there is the freedom to choose the color, the important thing is not to exaggerate in applying the eyeliner but to place a simple line over the eye that will give a nice and soft touch to the makeup.
  • The choice of mascara depends on the quality of the eyelashes, the girl with thick eyelashes choose the mascara brush with full bristles, and the girl with full eyelashes choose the brush with small bristles.
  • The choice of contour for the lips must be similar to lipstick, because it gives the lipstick more stability, and also shows the lips more full and vibrant, with the importance of using a transparent lip gloss.
  • When choosing makeup, it is preferable to stay away from bright and bright colors, and it is always said that the more calm and light colors the more beautiful, simpler and closer to nature.


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