Herbs that helps for hair growth

Herbs and hair

Endless hair problems where they have many causes, ranging from a person’s genetic makeup and a lack of certain vitamins from the diet to some diseases that cause body hormones such as thyroid problems, all of which may lead to hair loss and weakness, and there is no magic and fast solution For these problems, but studies have shown that some herbs have the ability with their continued use to prevent hair loss and to strengthen and increase the speed of their growth, and although most herbs do not have dangerous side effects, it is preferable to consult a doctor if using them if hair loss is caused by a health problem, and he will review this Article herbs TS Counting in the rapid growth of the hair.

Herbs that help in the rapid growth of hair

While many natural products help in obtaining amazing hair, it is impossible to know its true effect on the hair until after it has been tried, and if many benefit greatly from such products, the first is to return to the origin of these products from herbs and plants, as such herbs were used from Before people to get healthy and beautiful hair, and herbs were used to help the rapid growth of hair before the emergence of specialized products full of chemicals, here are some of those herbs:

Moringa oil

Moringa oil is extracted from a tree that usually grows in India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. This tree is known for its medicinal importance in many cultures, as its benefits are almost countless, including its anti-inflammatory properties and amazing benefits for hair. Moringa oil is known to stimulate and help hair growth and protect from Hair loss, its moisturizing, anti-oxidant and bacterial properties protect dandruff and keep it hydrated. This oil contains amino acids that help maintain healthy and shiny hair. Moringa oil is also known for its ability to get rid of dandruff.

Henna leaves

Henna is usually known for its ability to dye hair, but it has many therapeutic properties for the body and hair together, it is known for its anti-bacterial and astringent properties, and among its benefits for hair is that it pulls all the excess oil from dandruff, preventing the scalp from closing, which improves hair growth and health, Originally, henna leaves are grinding trees, then mixed with water and left for a few hours on the hair before it is washed, keep the hair acidic and repair damage and split it.


When trying to find herbs that help the rapid growth of hair, we find that horsetail has the ability to lengthen hair and maintain head skin, to give healthy and dense hair, as horsetail stimulates and pushes blood to hair follicles and improves blood circulation in the skin of the head, and also helps in Give hair strength and prevent it from falling out.

Lavender flower oil

Lavender is known for its beautiful and distinctive aromatic scent, but it is used in hair care due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It is also a natural repellent of insects such as lice because of its smell. From the sebaceous glands of the scalp, keeps hair healthy, strong and long.

Chamomile flower

Chamomile flowers are usually used to soothe and calm the skin and the skin of the head, and its aroma is of the same effect as it calms the body, and chamomile flower is known for its ability to maintain healthy and long hair by nourishing the roots and hair follicles, and chamomile flowers are used after being boiled or soaked and then cooled on the hair After washing it.

Daily habits for longer hair

Besides talking about herbs that help in the rapid growth of hair and its use to maintain beautiful and long hair, there are some habits that can contribute to obtaining long hair, which are important and essential when caring for hair, including massaging the scalp with warm oils from time to time, And use a conditioner suitable for hair after washing it with shampoo, and it is also recommended to close the bathroom with a little cold water on the hair, which helps to increase the speed of hair growth, and it is not preferable to comb the hair while still wet, and in the event of combing it is preferable to use a wide-tooth butterfly.

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