Tricks and cheats to look taller

Most women suffer from a short length, which causes them to wear high-heeled shoes, and the acquisition of many of them, to appear taller and make up for the shortage that suffers from them, but in addition to that, there are many tricks in the designs, whether they are in clothes, Or the general appearance, which helps to highlight the length of the body,

The best of these cheats, or tricks:

Color correction

It is recommended to uniform the color of clothes when choosing colors so that this appearance gives height to the legs.


Wearing open shoes, or close to the skin color, helps in harmony with the skin tone, adding a wonderful trick to adding some inches to lengthen the legs of people.

Smart colors

Clothes or shirts, engraved from the neck, in the form of a letter in, add length to the neck so that it draws people’s attention to the upper body, and also gives a good length to the lower part of the body.


She refers to the experience of people in choosing some clothes that help to show height, such as wearing trousers, have black lines on its corners, to reduce some inches from the legs.

Height and strength

It can benefit from wearing high-waist pants, to give it a natural look, so that it is above the belly button, and helps extend the legs of some inches.


For appropriate length, it is preferable to wear striped, striped clothes and pleated clothing.

Long dimensions

People of small sizes can wear clothes or shirts with long sleeves to extend their small size.

Narrow horizon escape

Wearing short dresses, which are just above the knee, helps women give the legs a long look, instead of wearing dresses that cover the legs.

Prolonged system

And by resorting to the appearance of the swan, by choosing high-necked shirts.

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