Facts you may not know about jewelry


Jewelry is a group of materials that are put together to form a kind of personal adornment for women mostly, and the jewelry making craft is one of the most widespread handicrafts around the world, and it needs creative taste and concrete experience in choosing ingredients, and these components can include many natural elements It is unthinkable to use it for decoration such as shells and gravel wood, in addition to the possibility of making many precious jewelry from precious stones or precious metals such as gold, silver, pearl and coral, and these components underwent many types of physical and chemical treatment Convert it from raw to creative forms of jewelry, and this article will mention facts you may not know about jewelry.

History of jewelry making

Ancient civilizations used jewelry in abundance, and some used to bury jewelry with their dead, while others made from jewelry and gemstones what is known as mosaic art. In the prehistoric times, people used shells and animal remains such as reindeer horns, mammoth tusks, and feathers of some types of birds in decorations, where They made many jewelry from which many jewelry designers of this era are inspired by new designs, and jewelry in the past was limited to earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, but later many other forms such as crowns, hairpins, rings, and asa were created. The ankle or what is known as the anklets. The Queen of the Sumerian civilization wore gold and sapphire-encrusted jewelry, emeralds, lapis lazuli and many other precious stones. The ancient Egyptians and Pharaohs also created and crafted many fine gold jewelry, many of which were found and placed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, owns

Facts you may not know about jewelry

The ancients used precious stones resulting from complex geological processes in many fine jewelry. In the world of jewelry there are many unknown facts about jewelry. Here are some of these facts:

  • Agate stone was previously called the pomegranate seed.
  • Amber is the finest gem used in jewelry, and the most solid jewelry is diamond.
  • The largest diamonds in the world are in the United States and are called Uncle Sam’s.
  • Queen Cleopatra used to prefer jewelry made from peridot stone.
  • There are no two absolutely identical pieces of the Opal gem, so it was likened to a fingerprint.
  • Gold is not attracted to a magnet like the rest of the other precious metals, and this method is effective for knowing whether the gold piece is authentic or not.

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