Facts we need to know about fats

Fat is one of the notorious foodstuffs, which some people may fight overpriced, as it is evil material that must be completely excluded from our food systems, although this may be true in the treatment of some special health conditions, but it is not considered true. Absolutely, here is a set of facts related to fats, which may prove otherwise: –

Eating fat doesn’t necessarily make you fat

If you eat any food material, no matter how it exceeds the person’s daily allowance, it will lead to obesity, not just excessive fat intake, for example eating carbohydrates that accumulate in the blood, and the body helps the insulin to store it in the form of fat in the fat cells, may You are more likely to gain weight than eating fat.

Fats in nuts are important and useful fats

Many people avoid eating nuts because they contain high levels of fat, but it is important to know that these fats are important and beneficial to health, because nuts contain monounsaturated fats, which are important for heart health, as there are Several studies have denied that there is a relationship between eating nuts and high weight. On the contrary, eating a small amount of nuts gives a feeling of satiety that helps reduce the amount of food a person consumes, and that intoxicants are due to the inability of the digestive system to digest them in a way Good, which keeps it in the form of small pieces, contribute significantly to fighting the Constipation, which is one of the causes of obesity.

Adding fat to power helps absorb nutrients

Eating salads added to some fats, such as olive oil, helps the body to take full advantage of the vegetable contents of important nutrients, which the body may not be able to absorb some of in the absence of fats, such as carotenoids (2), which are beneficial in the prevention of many diseases , Which are not absorbed by the body except by eating fat with vegetables that contain it.

Saturated fat is not absolutely evil

It is known that most of the heart and arterial diseases are attributed to saturated fats, but we need to know that there are some saturated fats that are very beneficial to the body, and that do not cause any of these problems, such as coconut oil, which is one of the saturated fats, contains important substances. For health such as lauric acid, which is found in coconut oil and breast milk only.

Fat has major roles in the human body

Fats are important for the brain and nervous system, 60% of the dry brain weight is fat, and fat is one of the main components of neurons. Sex hormones are derived from fat. Fats provide the body with the amino acids necessary for healthy skin and hair. Fat is an important factor in metabolism, building the body’s immunity and controlling blood sugar.

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