Facts about white hair and how to deal with it

The emergence of white hair is a sign of aging, and it is not much preferred to address this topic as a negative topic, there are many misinformation about white hair, and here are some facts about white hair and how it can be dealt with.

  • The most common story about white hair is that when white hair is pulled out, other white hair grows around it. In fact, this is wrong information, as there is nothing that can increase the number of hair roots, and hair extraction has no effect other than that it weakens the hair root, Therefore, care must be taken when cutting hair.
  • The hair is white or gray, its color is not white or gray in particular, in fact, when the hair changes from its original color to white or gray, this means that the hair has lost the existing dye that was providing it with its color, and it is worth noting that there are many shades of colors in the hair White and gray.
  • The transformation of hair to white color does not mean that it no longer needs care, in fact white hair needs care exactly as it was before it turned, but it must be taken into account that white hair has a rougher feel than normal, but the same preparations that were used previously can be used.
  • The emergence of white hair in young people, expresses a lack of B vitamins in their diet, specifically pantothenic acid, which is found in vitamin (5), which has a major role in naturally re-dyeing the hair.
  • Studies have shown that smoking is linked to the emergence of white hair at an early age, and therefore smokers must rethink to quit, if they do not find sufficient reasons to quit.
  • One of the common stories about white hair is that whoever has white hair grows faster than those of the same age, in fact age is the main cause of white hair cleansing, but it is not the only reason, where genetic factors can affect the appearance of white hair, and Mostly, a parent has white hair in his head about the same age.
  • White hair has the ability to become more rough, and it appears pale in appearance, and thus turns from white to yellow, and to reduce this matter, it is preferable to use shampoo intended for white hair, or blue shampoo and hair products that have a blue color as well.
  • And lastly, if you are not ready for white hair to appear on your head, more than one method can be used to hide it, then hair can be dyed permanently, or if you do not like permanent dye, temporary can be used, and there are also some hair care products that work to hide the white color, It is advised to consult a hair care professional.

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