Facts about a man when he falls in love

What is love?

The feelings that excrete one’s heart from being drawn and admired towards someone are what the main definition of love describes in body and chemistry sciences is a mutual relationship between two people. This relationship causes the secretion of one of the hormones responsible for happiness known as oxytocin, and love is an enormous amount of energy and positive feelings It contains various types, including romantic love that exists between men and women, love of friendship between close friends, love of family and family members, the most recent of which is human love that exists between all of humanity, and love has many names that accompany stages Rh in the human heart, the article tells the facts about the man when he falls in love.

Facts about a man when he falls in love

The difference in times, environment, ages, countries, and people in general makes the main concept of love different from one person to another, so love is not as easy for men as it may be for women, since a woman may reveal the feelings that she holds within her, so she cannot be patient to carry it without disclosing it And that, unlike the man, whose glory drives him to express the feelings of love and admiration inside him indirectly, and here are some facts about a man when he falls in love:

  • Jealousy: One of the most important facts about a man when he falls in love is his jealousy of his lover. If a woman sees a man who has changed him in everything and everything, he is undoubtedly in love with her.
  • Goodness and submission: When a man falls in love, he becomes intrepid, giving himself, his money, and his feelings to those he loved.
  • Attention and containment: One of the attributes of a lover man is to take care of all the details related to his beloved, no matter how small or old, and always try to contain it with her feelings and provide support and support to her.
  • Loyalty and sincerity: If he loves a man, he will no doubt find his love whatever happens.

Facts about women when they fall in love

Delving into the narration of some facts about a man when he falls in love leads to delving into the same thing at the other end, and explaining the difference in matters that arise for a woman. The woman became full of life, and here are some signs that the woman is in love:

  • Al-Basasha: According to a study published by Psychology Today, it showed that a woman’s smile in the face of the man without reason is one of the most important factors that indicate her admiration for this man.
  • The language of the eyes: The eye does not preserve the secret that a woman tries to conceal, perhaps within it, but rather exposes and discloses what is inside her, it is the mirror of the heart, and Dr. Jacques Scheffer, an expert in body language science, referred to this by saying: They are stronger and more powerful than men. “
  • Attention and attention: A fine woman will pay close attention to all the actions of her desired man, and she will also be very interested in appearing in a striking and decent appearance in front of him.

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