Exotic beauty treatments and products

The market is an open place filled with many strange and new products that appear desirable to people, and it is interesting to note, there are many cosmetic products, which vary in their strange components, and that possesses many characteristics that are able to combat many of the problems and defects of the skin And some treatments and products may consist of elements that are difficult for some to imagine their existence, and the most prominent of these treatments and their strange contents are the following:

Aloe vera massage

It is the last thing one can think of for rest and relaxation, as a plaque of aloe vera free of acupuncture needles is used in a massage under the skin, to remove toxins, and it gives a mixture of hydration and openness to the skin.

Use straw and wrap it on the body

Wet straw is used in Italy by wrapping it around the body, while remaining soaked in hot water, its temperature reaches more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, in order to fortify the immune system and stimulate the metabolism of each person.

Bird stools for the face

Japanese women, especially dancers, prefer to use masks made of feces of Nightingale, as it contains enzymes that act as antiseptic for the skin, and also give brightness to the complexion of the skin.

Butter in the process of stretching

Women in Ethiopia massage their bodies from the top of the scalp, to the soles of their feet, and on all parts of the body, from the inside and the outside, with butter, and then they sit on a smoke-filled pit, or stand as a certain gymnast until the entire butter melts, So that it is used to tighten the vaginal muscles, especially after birth.

Snake to massage

It may be one of the most dangerous and dangerous treatments, as heavy snakes are used to relieve stress and stress.

Solid gold for the face

You can enjoy the application of 24 carats of gold on the face, as an aesthetic mask, used in the state of Florida, so that it covers the entire body sometimes, according to the request, but it requires huge sums, it helps prevent cellulite formation, and it also eliminates the signs of aging.

Snake venom cream

This cream is applied to the face, so that the toxin acts as a stimulant for the body and the skin, and it works exactly like the work of Botox.

Fish for foot care

This treatment has become a desirable matter among many women in the world, as the feet are dipped in a tank of guara fish, which eat dead skin cells, which give a rough feeling to the skin, to get two soft feet.

Chocolate as a mask for the body

Some scientific evidence demonstrated the ability of sweet substances to calm and remove toxins from the skin, by covering the entire body with chocolate, and for an hour, to enjoy the required benefits.

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