Benefits of peaches for the skin


Peach is one of the fruits with a wrinkled delicate shell, which has its origin in northwest China, and it is one of the fruits belonging to the family of stone fruits, that is, its core surrounds a medium and rough seed, and the inner core of the peach varies in color from white to yellow or orange, and there are two types different from this fruit and the difference between them about how easy or difficult to remove the pulp from the inner seed, and offers peach many health benefits because it contains a variety of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber food, this article will talk about the benefits of peach humans.

Benefits of peaches for the skin

The benefits of peaches for the skin are many and varied, as peaches contain various nutrients, and this fruit can be used thanks to that in many cosmetics, and the benefits of peaches for the skin will be detailed as follows:

  • Moisturizing the skin: Peach maintains the health of the skin by maintaining its hydration, due to its high content of Vitamin A and Vitamin C and large quantities of water, which prevents the occurrence of dry skin, and this is particularly useful for dry skin.
  • Skin peeling: Peach helps to dry skin when applied topically, it removes dead skin cells, and thus the skin becomes taut, which contributes to getting rid of wrinkle lines and signs of aging.
  • Wound healing: One of the benefits of peaches for the skin is that it speeds up wound healing, thanks to its protein-rich content. Applying a paste of peaches to the affected area helps relieve pain, speed up healing and protects against wound inflammation.
  • Skin protection: Peaches help protect the skin from harmful UV rays in the sun, thanks to the antioxidants they contain Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These elements also protect against cancer that can result from sun exposure.

Health benefits of peaches

After knowing the benefits of peaches for the skin, we will talk about its health benefits in general, which are many and varied due to the fact that it contains many nutrients that can improve the health of the body and enhance the functions of vital organs. Here are some of the benefits of peaches:

  • Fighting cancer: Peaches contain phenolic compounds and carotenoids. These compounds have anti-cancer and tumor properties. Peaches contribute to the prevention of several types of cancers, such as breast and lung cancer, as well as colon cancer.
  • Good for diabetics: Peaches help reduce the risk of developing type 1 diabetes, because it causes a significant drop in blood sugar, thanks to the fibers in it. The glycemic index for peaches is low, ranging from 26-55, This makes it suitable for diabetics.
  • Promote heart health: help phenolic compounds found in the peel and pulp peach in lowering bad cholesterol LDL levels, and increase levels of good cholesterol, which contributes to reducing the risk of heart disease and blood vessels.
  • Promoting eye health: Peach is a rich source of beta-carotene, which in turn converts to vitamin A inside the body. Beta-carotene also plays an important role in maintaining eye health and quality and contributing to the prevention of many eye diseases such as dry eyes and blindness.
  • Prevention of hypokalemia: Peach contains a good amount of potassium, which helps in maintaining the vital functions of cells, it also contributes to improving metabolism or metabolism, how to use carbohydrates and maintaining electrolyte balance, as well as regulating muscle tissue processes, and it can lead to potassium deficiency. In the body, there is a lack of blood potassium which can affect muscle strength and cause arrhythmia.

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