Beginners common mistakes in applying makeup

Skin care

Skin care is one of the most important things every girl or woman must take care of, because it maintains the integrity of the skin and enhances the beauty of her appearance, and makes it moisturized, soft and brighter, and also helps to highlight the beauty of the face when applying makeup, and skin care includes a set of simple procedures , Which every girl must follow, which is proper nutrition that includes healthy eating, avoiding exposure to the sun without using a condom, and using appropriate cosmetics in daily moisturizing, and weekly exfoliation of dead skin cells, all of these things will highlight the beauty of the face, and the article provides errors St Iah in a make-up when novices every girl avoided.

Common mistakes in applying makeup to beginners

Make-up is one of the things that every woman loves, whether she is old or young, because it increases self-confidence and helps to highlight areas of beauty in the face, but sometimes there may be errors in the steps of makeup, and the following points clarify the most important common mistakes in Makeup application for beginners:

  • Choosing an inappropriate degree of foundation cream: One of the most common mistakes in applying makeup for beginners is to choose an inappropriate degree of foundation cream with skin color, usually the foundation cream should be darker with one degree of original skin color, so that the difference between The basic skin color on the neck and facial skin color.
  • A lot of face powder: Many girls believe that the face powder is an important thing in its radiance, but in reality the transparent powder is used only in necessary, or on large occasions, because it highlights the fine lines and wrinkles on the face.
  • Lack of the correct choice of shades of the concealer: Girls resort to choosing a light concealer color, in the belief that it helps to hide the dark circles under the eye, and this is a common mistake in applying makeup for beginners, as it works to highlight the auras heavily and makes the appearance of the eye unnatural, and therefore It is advised to choose a degree that tends to orange, as it is one of the degrees that give natural radiance, and is suitable for most skin colors.
  • Exaggerating eye drawing: drawing eyes using a kohl or eyeliner needs to understand the shape of the eye and whether it is large or small, and with more than one eye drawing experience to reach the appropriate shape, for example, the small eye needs the thin eye eyeliner for a natural and attractive appearance.
  • Heavy use of mascara: The mascara helps highlight the color of the eyelashes, and you never need to put them more than once on the same place, because that makes the shape unnatural, and changes its color to become darker than the color of the eyebrows.
  • Using the wrong degree of lip contouring: The girl who started with the subject of makeup should use an appropriate degree of lip contouring with the degree of lipstick, and avoid using a darker degree than the lipstick.

How to put makeup on beginners

Make-up helps highlight the features of the face, makes it brighter, and every girl who puts on makeup for the first time avoids common mistakes in applying makeup to beginners by following a set of the following steps:

  • Before applying make-up, the skin needs to be deeply cleaned, using a daily wash, to get rid of the dust or impurities attached to it.
  • Before applying make-up, the skin needs light moisture and wait five to ten minutes for the skin to absorb the moisturizer layer.
  • Apply a light foundation cream as the first layer in make-up, applying a little bit of it to the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead, then mix with fingertips and light circular motions until mixed with the skin.
  • A few concealer shades are placed under the eye, gently distributed from the inside out, and a little can be applied to other areas of the face with imperfections, not covered with the foundation.
  • Using the brush, blush powder is placed from the bottom up with a slight smile on the face, focusing on the use of the appropriate color for the skin, light skin needs pink, and dark skin needs slightly darker colors.
  • Appropriate shade color is applied to the eyelid, and for beginners, it is preferred to choose gray or dirt. Eye shadow is dispensed with a hand or a round shadow brush to cover the eyelid to the brow bone.
  • It is used as a black or brown eyeliner on the edge of the upper lash line in short borders, and it is preferable not to exaggerate eye drawing for beginners.
  • As for the last step, it comes with applying lipstick that is suitable for skin color, and it is preferable to apply lipstick before using lipstick, and for beginners it is preferred to use soft colors and away from screaming colors such as dark red.


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