Bad habits cause hair damage

Hair care

Hair is the crown of a woman, especially if it is healthy, shiny and free from damage and split ends, so every woman should devote a routine schedule dedicated to her hair care, bearing in mind that nutrition plays a large and important role in helping to maintain the vitality and freshness of hair, the more healthy eating This helped improve the condition of the scalp and collagen production, in addition to the vitamins that hair needs, and it must drink enough water daily, because this plays a major role in improving hair health, and in this article, bad habits that cause hair damage, and a routine will be explained. Hair care, the most important supplement Food for hair.

Bad habits cause hair damage

The girl’s hair is very sensitive, as it is affected by many negative factors that lead to its damage, such as heat, climate, dye, etc., but there are bad habits that cause hair damage by the woman without thinking that it is harmful to the hair, and in the following clarify bad habits that cause hair damage :

  • Take hot baths: Hot bath is one of the most prominent bad habits that harm the hair, because the hot bath strips the hair from the natural oils it contains, and this definitely makes the hair weak and easily breakable, so it is necessary to replace the hot water with lukewarm or cold.
  • Following a wrong diet: There are many wrong diets followed by the lady that leads to damage to her hair and hair loss, and therefore it is imperative to follow a healthy diet rich in proteins, such as fish, chicken and lentils, which helps hair growth and strength.
  • Using hair dryers: Resorting to drying hair with hair dryers leads to damage to the proteins that make up the hair, and once these proteins are damaged, the moisture balance is impaired and the hair becomes vulnerable to breakage and hair loss.
  • Bad handling of wet hair: Wet hair is more prone to damage and breakage than dry hair, so it should not be combed while wet hair, taking care to dry it gently with a soft towel.
  • Tight Hairstyles: There are many hairdos that depend on pulling the hair back strongly, and this certainly leads to hair loss and damage, so care must be taken to stay away from these hairdos, and leave the hair straight, especially during sleep, and when tying the hair must not be tightened and keep loose .
  • Exposing your hair to sunlight: Exposing hair to direct sunlight causes it to weaken and break, so a hat and a sunscreen should be worn when exposed to it.
  • Taking certain types of medications: There are many types of medications that contain compounds that may be harmful to hair greatly, leading to dryness and hair loss, such as statins, antidepressants, anxiety, and others.

Hair care routine

After clarifying bad habits that cause hair damage, it is necessary to know the most important rules that go into the hair care routine in order to maintain healthy, dense and shiny hair. The following is a hair care routine:

  • Grain and nuts should be eaten daily because they enhance hair fibers and give them a healthy appearance.
  • Maintaining and shining hair by using warm water twice a week, to clean hair from the accumulated fat.
  • Use hair products that contain a high level of SPF before direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Use a mask that helps nourish and moisturize hair twice a week.
  • Comb the hair three or two times per day.

Hair supplements

Caring for hair with natural oils and cohesions is not enough to get healthy hair. Nutrition is the basis of a beautiful month, as salmon oil is always one of the best that can be consumed, in addition to obtaining iron through eating grains, especially if the woman suffers from hair loss. Vitamin D is also one of the most important vitamins for hair, so it is advisable to take its pills under the supervision of a specialist doctor. Finally, vitamin B12 is an important vitamin for hair, taking into consideration the doctor’s question about whether or not the woman suffers from a deficiency.

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