There are medical methods to change eyes color?

Eye color change

Eye color is determined from birth genetically, and eye color usually becomes darker in the first years of the child’s life and may change with the passage of age a slight change, so children are born with natural brown, blue, green and gray eyes and accompany them with the color of their eyes for life, and some people want to change the color of their eyes or highlight their color More often, they resort to different medical methods to achieve their intent, such as wearing colored contact lenses or performing dangerous medical operations, which doctors warn of about the possibility of causing permanent eye damage, and this article will answer the question of whether there are medical methods to change the eye color permanently.

Are there medical methods for permanent eye color change?

The pigment melanin in the eye is the pigment responsible for the difference in eye color between humans, and the eye color usually becomes lighter over time, but there are some other factors that may change the eye color, including the use of the eye to focus or stay in bright or dark places significantly, and there are ways Medicinal to change eye color permanently, including:

Contact lenses

When looking for whether there are medical methods to change the eye color permanently, medical contact lenses are the easiest and most used method, and it is a temporary method that provides a great diversity in terms of eye colors, and colored contact lenses differ in their transparency and color concentration in them, some of which does not change much of the color The eye, including what changes the eye color dramatically, and usually this type is used by the owners of dark eyes to change from dark brown to light blue for example, and for the use of cosmetic contact lenses many side effects that are worth mentioning and pay attention to the need to see a doctor when they occur It may cause blurred vision or itching sometimes redness due to the sensitivity of these lenses, which may make eye tears significantly, the eye may also suffer from permanent redness or pain continuously.

Iris cultivation

This process is carried out by planting an iris over the natural iris of the human, which is not completely safe, as it is possible to change the location of the iris that was transplanted to hurt the eye or the cornea of ​​the eye in one way or another, and also cause the eye to be exposed to inflammation repeatedly and cause a feeling of discomfort in the event Its contact with any foreign matter, the cultivation of the iris of the eye may cause many vision-related diseases such as high eye pressure and tear duct problems, or the collection of water in the eye which is called white water, which reduces the ability to see and may in the worst cases cause vision loss, and it is recommended many Doctors not to resort to gum These operations due to serious adult.

Laser technologies

Since there is a lot of talk and search for medical methods to change the eye color permanently, some companies develop new technologies to meet the requirements of the group of people looking to change the color of their eyes, and one of these modern techniques is using low-energy lasers to disturb the outer layer of color in the iris of the eye, and take This process is 20-30 seconds for one eye only, and the brown-colored eye takes to switch to blue permanently about two to four weeks, and although this process is relatively safe, many doctors have expressed concern about its use, since the extra pigment that comes out of the eye She can The tear duct closes, which may cause more serious diseases such as high intraocular pressure.

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