Amazing facts about your eyes

We cannot imagine living without the grace of sight, which God Almighty gave us, to make it easier for us to live in this life, and make us enjoy all that is beautiful around us, so that we rely heavily on our eyes to accomplish many works and things in our lives, in addition to Important to consider, there are many interesting and important facts about them, the most important of which are:

Most of our memories are from our eyes

The eyes are among the most important organs and organs in the body, which allow us to perceive the world around us, relying heavily on our eyesight, as only 20% of what we envision comes through our other senses, but the vast majority are because of our eyes, and therefore our memory actually possesses 80% of these photos.

We cannot get rid of glasses as we get older

Even if we have a perfect vision in the post-age forty years, we cannot dispense with the presence of the glasses in reading, due to the loss of the lens of the eye its ability to focus as the age progresses us, i.e. more precisely, it is difficult to change the shape of the lens to the spherical shape, when trying to look To close objects is difficult, because the lens of the eye becomes more solid.

The eye has a blind spot, even if healthy

The human eye contains a blind spot, located on a small part of the retina, because the optic nerve, which carries all the information back to the brain, blocks and blocks vision.

Eye growth is fully completed at the age of seven

Children at the age of seven have the same physiological characteristics of the eyes of adults, as it is advised to try to discover the presence of any laziness in the eye before this age, in order to improve the vision better, given the lack of development of the eye in the years before seven years.

The eye can help detect diabetes

It is often difficult to detect symptoms of type 2 diabetes clearly, but it is usually detected by means of a small eye test that reveals small bleeding in the back of the eye, and is often a sign of this type of Diabetes.

The strongest muscle in the body

The eye is one of the strongest muscles in the body and the most active, because it constantly moves to control the position and focus, where scientists indicate that it is considered 100 times stronger than any other muscle.

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