Amazing facts about vegetables and fruits


The term vegetable is called the edible part of the plant, whether it is roots such as beetroot and carrots, or stalks like asparagus and potatoes, which are ground stalk, onions, and garlic, mutant stems, or leaves such as lettuce, spinach, and cabbage, or flowers such as flower and broccoli, or fruits such as cucumbers, eggplant, tomatoes, or seeds such as peas and beans, These parts are eaten fresh or cooked, and as a food group that owns vegetables is of special importance as it is a source of vitamins, minerals, fibers, antioxidants, and water while it contains small amounts of calories and fats and a good amount of protein, and because fresh vegetables are more prone to To spoil, vegetables are made to increase their preservation period in special manufacturing processes such as freezing, drying, canning and pickling. Fruits and amazing facts about vegetables and fruits are the rest of this article.


Fruits, in the anatomical sense of the plant, are the mature ovary of the flowering plant, soft or dry, with a seed or seeds resulting from the pollination process, and the seeds may be absent as in bananas due to the lack of pollination, but in the nutritional concept, the term fruit is called mature ovaries with a sweet taste and succulent texture One of the benefits of fruits is that they are a source of fiber and vitamins, especially vitamin C and antioxidants.

1- Soft Fruits: The shell and the internal components are soft, and they are divided into three main types, firstly “pulp fruits” such as tomatoes, cherries and blueberries, and secondly “group fruits” that are formed from a flower that contains more than a female or pestilizer such as strawberry and raspberry, And thirdly, the multiple fruits that form from fertilizing several ovaries, such as pineapple and berries.

2- Dry fruits: The rind is dry upon ripeness, and it includes fruits surrounded by crusts such as capsules, legumes, cereals, and nuts.

Amazing facts about vegetables and fruits

One of the amazing facts about vegetables and fruits is that sweet pepper, the main ingredient in vegetable salads and dishes, is virtually a fruit, as is the case with cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as squash and pumpkin, they are the ripe fruits of the flowers and inside the seeds, more amazing facts about vegetables and fruits in the following points :

  • Avocado rich in fat reduces cholesterol: This fatty fruit contains a type of fat useful to reduce cholesterol in the blood, as it helps to absorb the elements in other foods such as tomatoes and thus guacamole is a healthy dish.
  • Potatoes are superior to bananas in their potassium content: it is the mineral necessary for strengthening muscles and regulating blood pressure.
  • Dried figs reward milk as a source of calcium: it is distinguished from being a source of fiber.
  • Kiwi contains twice the amount of vitamin C in orange: it is also rich in potassium and other minerals that are good for heart health.
  • Bananas are threatened with extinction: Although there are more than a thousand species of it, the edible species are few and are threatened with extinction due to the threat of one of the fungi species to it.
  • Apples may be up to a year old: Apples are available throughout the months of the year even though their season is short, and the reason for this is due to the use of technology that keeps it from being damaged between the time of its production until the date it is put on the market, which may reach one year.
  • Coconut means smiling face: Coconut English name Coconut originates in the 16th century Portuguese sailors as the three walnuts make up what looks like a smiling face, which means COCO, while NUT syllable is added in English.

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